KPJAY Authorization Level 1 • Ashtanga Yoga


Justyna is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher authorized by Sharath Jois. She has been practicing this method since 2005 and sharing it in traditional form in Shalas around the world. She is now based in Poland, where she opened MERU Shala. It’s a space where she supports practitioners in all stages of their life.
She also holds the space for female circles, teaching about cycle awareness in practice and beyond. Justyna is also a pelvic floor therapist and applies this knowledge to her teachings.
Her free time is all about nature — she loves climbing mountains and taking pictures of landscapes. She finds photography as her way to show the beauty of nature and a call for preserving it.
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT200 • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga • Tour Guide


She is a passionate yoga practitioner, yoga teacher and tour guide. She was working several years for one of the world's biggest travel companies, leading tours in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia and her love for travel, tourism, yoga, and adventures made her found Fige Yoga Adventures.
Sasha became a certified yoga teacher in 2018 by school in Croatia. Her teaching style is Ashtanga Vinyasa, and she is skilled at demystifying complex concepts and making yoga feel accessible to beginners and teachers alike.
Dog lover, she enjoys spending time hiking, swimming and horseback riding.
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT200 • Face Yoga Teacher | Danielle Collins Method


She is a certified yoga teacher, Systemic constellations coach and a Reiki master teacher. In her teachings, she combines yoga with systemic constellation work and energy work through reiki — giving people a chance to rediscover themselves in a safe environment.
Besides yoga, Ivana is interested in travelling, food, wine, music and art, and getting to know people worldwide and learning about different cultures.
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 • Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga


Imme is passionate about people and growth. She used to work for corporate companies in Fashion before she started her own business with coaching, yoga and consulting. Yoga is her personal source of power and she feels a deep desire to share it with others. Imme's classes are dynamic, focused and personal. She has studied with international teachers around the world and is certified in Vinyasa Yoga (200h), Hatha Yoga (300h) and Thai Yoga Massage (150h). Imme's base is Berlin, but you rather find her in nature, preferably close the sea. She loves movement, traveling, running marathons and relaxing in the sun.
Certified Yoga Teacher 500 E-RYT • Dynamic Mindfulness


Tatjana is a yoga and meditation educator and the creator of Dynamic Mindfulness — a contemporary yoga style rooted in Buddhist wisdom and informed by up-to-date science movement.
Her approach to yoga is based on two decades of Buddhist studies and practice, as well as on shiatsu and the Axis Syllabus body of knowledge. In core, here teaching is defined — My teaching is down to earth and makes sense in the body while providing a mindful inner inquiry that extends far beyond the mat.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Music and has played flute in both highbrow classical settings and progressive theaters in Berlin. While still a musician at heart, her present instrument is the body.
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 • Vinyasa & Katonah Yoga


Manuela has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and she is teaching for more than a decade. Coming from a martial arts background Manuela has always been into a dynamic Yoga style with focus on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Being one of the first certified KATONAH YOGA Teachers in Germany and Europe her Vinyasa Yoga style is deeply influenced by the philosophy of Taoism und TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) and the alignment of the KATONAH YOGA tradition.
Not only being a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Manuela has the gift to explain technique within the Yoga practice by also underlying it with philosophy in order to explore deeper layers of body and mind. The physical Yoga practice with elements of empowering and strengthening aspects are in Manuela teachings as important as Pranayama and Meditation and Restorative Techniques as a tool to find the balance between polarities in order to find our center.
Mediterranean Vegan Fusion Cook


Vegan, vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine are Sanja's specialties, which all come for personal experience, cooking for herself and her loved ones. The passion for cooking rose in 2017 after her travel to India. In 2019 she started writing her blog — Moksha, where she freely shares her culinary ideas and recipes.
In the meantime, she left her corporate day job and completed teacher training for Asthanga yoga.
More recently, Sanja started cooking at retreat events. Extraordinary food combinations and ideas are always flowing through her mind, especially before bedtime when next-day-lunch recipes appear out of thin air.
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 • Vinyasa Yoga


Marlene is one of Holland's leading Vinyasa Yoga Teachers, instructing students in her unique brand of creative Vinyasa and dynamic Core Flow Yoga.

A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and student for over a decade, with a background in dance, Marlene uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy, and deep core dynamics and anatomy to help students tap into their full potential and to connect with a more empowered place. A dynamic and transformative yoga teacher who takes a no-nonsense approach to vinyasa flow to transform and uplift her students' practice, spirit and life to bring new and empowering ways to help them find a positive and stronger way of being themselves.

Yoga retreat Croatia
Certificated Yoga Teacher E-RYT200 • Sivananda Yoga


Caroline is a dedicated Yoga Teacher based in Switzerland with over 9 years experiences in teaching Yoga.
She started as a traditional Sivananda Yoga Teacher and after many further trainings she found her own style - Hatha Flow. Sometimes very energized and sometimes slow and deep. She is an empath and has the gift to teach what people need the most.
For Caroline it is very important to give people the chance to rediscover themselves in a safe environment.
Beside Yoga Caroline loves being in nature, travelling, sports, the sun, the sea and laughing with friends. She is interested in the diversity of people and their needs. She is also Reiki practicioner.
“Yoga is about bringing the awareness into the body, into the breath, into the soul and into the moment. Your mind gets quiet and you get access to your soul on a deep level.”
Music teacher • Ritual musician & vocalist


"Vaskilintu" is the artist name of Magdalena Sofia, who is a ritual musician and vocalist.
She started with a classical background in music, singing in the National Opera of Finland at 6 years old, later studying musical traditions that have their roots in the interaction with nature.
She is inspired by the healing power of ceremonial music and the therapeutic aspect of sound which affects human psyche.
"Music is a sacred way to be in dialogue with your community and the nature around you."
Magdalena holds space for retreats, courses, sharing circles and different workshops weaving in her work and art in finnish language.


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