Intentional, sincere, and lighthearted way to experience Croatia


Here at Fige Yoga Adventures, we offer retreats and experiences to elevate your body and mind and inspire you for that shift you’re longing for.
With us, you will explore the art of connection through the mediums of yoga, movement, nature, deep relaxation and friendship.
Fige Yoga Adventures is a female-owned small business that works with intimate, family-run local partners, supporting local economy and female entrepreneurs.



Croatia is known for wonderful coastline, crystal clear sea, breathtaking national parks, friendly people, delicious Mediterranean food and safe travel.
We bring you all that alongside high quality Yoga and meditation classes.


It all started one summer on the island on Hvar, where I was living with my best friend Anna. We spent days practicing yoga, swimming naked on secluded beaches, picking figs and grapes directly from the trees, and laughing for no apparent reason.
The seed of Fige Yoga was planted in those carefree days. I realized I want to create a way for people to experience Croatia in a heartfelt way like I do, since most of the yoga retreats in Croatia looked alike and did not connect with local experiences that way.
As an experienced tour guide and a yoga teacher, I had knowledge and skills to create a well curated mix of special locations, local experienses, and high quality yoga classes..
One of the greatest rewards in my work is hearing my clients recognizing and appreciating that.
Sasha, the founder
sasha dakic fige yoga