don’t take yourself too seriously and live deliberately


I am a wanderlust at heart.
I happily spend days outdoor hiking, swimming, traveling, horseback riding, and walking my beloved dog Peggy. 
I’m a devoted student of yoga and mindfulness.In 2018 I became a certified yoga teacher at Gaia Yoga School in Croatia. As a teacher, I aim to make yoga accessible to everyone interested in practicing yoga. 
Guiding tours and organizing events is my life calling. I left my office job as an economist on the road. As a tour guide, I was leading people on tours through Europe and Asia. The more I travelled,  the more I  appreciated what Croatia has to offer.
My passions and beliefs inspired me to create Fige Yoga Adventures,  a deliberate, sincere, and light-hearted space for people to experience Croatia through my eyes.
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
because none but ourselves can free our minds,
have no fear for atomic energy,
because none of them can stop time.”
Bob Marley